A few highlights from Ryan Stanton’s MLive article:

“In the latest twist in the debate over expanding local transit services, one of the leaders of an opposition group is accusing Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority employees of stealing his group’s campaign signs from a downtown property.”

“In an email sent Monday night to AAATA CEO Michael Ford, Ted Annis, one of the leaders of the opposition group Better Transit Now, asked Ford to “call off your personnel” and stop removing signs posted on the Y Lot next to the Blake Transit Center.”

“Ford replied Tuesday morning, saying he is unaware of anyone tampering with the signs and has not taken part in or given direction to anyone to do so.”

“‘Your assertion of my direct and or indirect interference of your said posted signage is false, baseless and without any merit whatsoever,’ Ford replied to Annis.”

“Annis said he has no proof that AAATA employees are the ones removing the signs, as there are no witnesses, but four signs were removed last week and six more were removed Sunday night, for a total of 10 now.”

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